Christopher W. Spada, President of the Common People, of The United States of America
Let Me Explain Myself.  I have no false hopes.
I would recommend going to the 11 Presidential Agendas first and reading them. If they make sense in how we, "The Common People", can bring America back to greatness, than you can help by making those agendas and this website go viral. You can help by arranging meet ups with small or large groups to discuss in person moving forward. We thank you for taking the time and becoming an informed person of The United States of America.     

"THE COMMON PEOPLE" OF THE USA NEED YOUR HELP. I NEED YOUR HELP. THE HELP OF THE 320+ MILLION COMMON PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY.  THE TASK AT HAND IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. I REPEAT; ALMOST! "I have been a register voter in both parties. I hold each of them in contempt. THEY ARE WORTHLESS. They are now one in the same. One wearing a sheep skin and the other wearing a fox skin. However, once behind closed doors with their skins off, they are all puppets. Thieving for themselves and doing what the the super elite, the .0001%ers, 85 International Trillionaire Bastards (Forbes Inc. write about in Feb. 2014 refered to as 85 ITBs), tell them to do. Getting Started is always the hardest part. We will do the best we can using the web, facebook and U-Tube, and handing out business cards. We will not be traveling on a custom jet as Clintons or the others will be.

I will either be driving an eighteen wheeler (a truck) or find another way to pay my way for the next three years. I will be eating out of a cooler and sleeping in the truck or Motel 6's. As of today, 3/6/2014, I have approximately $12,000.00 to my name. In 2006 my net worth was close to 2.4 million after 40 years of work. Starting as a laborer, then a truck driver, moving household goods to a small business owner. Forty years of being a "good citizen" ripped out from under me by the .0001%ers, the 85 ITBs and our puppet elected people. Not the wealthy as the 85 ITBs want you to believe. Not the decent hard working," Common People" of this country. I am talking about the "super elite" who caused this global depression by design. The .0001%ers that go back a hundred years. Morgan, Rockefeller, Rothschild, DuPont, The people who control; The Oil Cartel, Drug Cartel, Military Cartel, Insurance cartel, Pharmicutical catel and The Royal families in Europe. And now, the modern day sir names. Koch brothers, Bloomberg, Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Sortos, and Amancio Ortega. To name a few. Ortega's wealth grew in 2012 by.....19.5 billion. How does this happen?  These people (the 85 ITBs) own our elected federal puppets and they will dictate policy for "The Common People" around the world, to enslave "The Common People" without us knowing it. Or do we?

CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, PBC, ABC, BBC, New York Times, Barack Obama, Clinton, Rand, Rubio won't report this perspective leading up to the 2016 election.

I have a choice. Go back to work and start building what  these 85 ITBs took from me after 40 years of work. Get back on their "slave treadmill" and die knowing I should have tried to make this country great again. Or, take the next three years and see if " The Common People" have had enough and want this country to be great again, by electing "COMMON PEOPLE" to the office of the President, other federal offices and voting out every, and I mean every, current federally elected puppet. I don't have billionaire backers, an Ivy League degree, a billion dollar smile or a full head of hair. I won't be able to win a "popularity contest".  I don't even have the means to travel the country.

What I do have; Integrity. Honesty. A keen sense of right and wrong. A loyalty to "THE COMMON PEOPLE" of the USA and the world. I have the internet and YOU, "THE COMMON PEOPLE" of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA. I have the two assets the 85 ITBs fear the most. You and the internet. There is 320+ million "Common People" in the USA. The .0001%ers can't build enough FEMA camps or prisons for that many of us.

I am taking the second choice. I know in my heart, in my soul and in my mind this is the right path to take. Everyone I mention this to, tells me I don't stand a chance, that I have fallen off the deep end, that it is a joke to think a "COMMON PERSON" could be president and so on. We are on the verge of imploding as a nation. And I am not sure the USA can last another six years before being replaced by China as the only super power in the world. Before the US dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. Already, China and Russia no longer use US dollar to trade. There are approximately seven other major countries (economies) that no longer use the US dollar to trade with one another. Up till six years ago, every country converted their money to US dollars to buy from any other country.  The USA currency was the standard for the world.  That has ended as the Federal Reserve (a private bank) and the Federal Elected Puppets printed 2 TRILLION US DOLLARS BACKED BY NOTHING except current and future social security numbers. Meaning the ability to tax "The Common People".  China, Russia, Japan and others are quietly dumping their US dollars for hard assets. Real Estate, gold, silver, copper, oil, gas, etc.

I understand the task at hand. I understand I'll have a better chance at winning a national lottery. However, what I have studied since 2007 and still am; will not let me be at peace. The corruption that goes on in the 68.25 square miles of Washington DC is monumental. The corruption is now so far gone that, the United States of America in the next 12 years will revert to a third rate nation and China will be the only "Super Power" in the world.  We as a nation, like so many others, will then be enslaved to a third world status. These ego maniacs, sociopaths and pathological liars in the elected offices in Washington DC are beyond all comprehension of morals, honesty and truth.  Meaning; They have none. They should all be voted out.

That is why we need your help and everyone you know.  We know what, we know how and we know who we need to turn this country around but without you, "The Common People" being 100% behind what needs to be done, the task is hopeless.  We will do this through the next six election cycles. We will do this in a peaceful manner. We will do this based on the Constitution of The United States of America and "The Bill of Rights". Even though the NDAA (law) eliminated all our rights under our constitution. Web search "NDAA". You'll be blown away,  by how your elected puppet destroyed The Constitution of the USA without you even knowing.

The Clinton are calling in makers from the past 25 years and handing out new ones to raise 500+ million dollars and lease a 757 jumbo jet. All for, the Clintons to go down in history as the first and only "husband and wife" to be Presidents of the United States of America and to push the "One World Order". That will be a handful of the 85 ITBs that will control all of what we do, how we live and what we will be entitled to. No matter how hard we work or smart we are. Yes, they will say whatever is needed to fool us, "The Common People", to think they want to protect us. It's going to be the same show and end result. Watch a documentary called;" The Warning" & "House of Cards" by Frontlines. Clinton was in office and Ok'ed the banking deregulation in 1998 that started the banking collapse, even though he and all the other elected puppets in DC were told it was going to happen. All of them are puppets. They did and do as they were/are told by the 85 ITBs. The Clintons are now worth over 120 million dollars after leaving the White House in debt over the sex, real estate, perjury scandals and Vince Foster's murder. And, Bill lost ability to practice law till 2014 for perjury. And, they are still upset that they aren't one of the 85 ITBs, yet. They are out for themselves, sold their souls to the 85 ITBs.

Rubio spend $94,000 to $200,000 (based on who reported the accounting) in February 2013 on political consultants. That is more then his net pay as an elected person. That was all spent so he would know what to wear, how to speak and what "hot buttons" he should push based on the people in front of him at any given time. Ego maniac.

Rand is being back by the Heritage Foundation, that is funded by the Koch brothers. Two men that control 100 billion dollars in assets (companies, Real Estate and money). They both own 4+ homes worth over 5 million dollars a piece. Their industries create 10% of all the pollution in the USA. The Koch brothers also fund "Americans for Prosperity", The Tea Party and several other PACs. All with the same agenda; less regulation (so they can pollute more), less employee rights (so they can abuse more) and more tax breaks for the 85 ITBs, not us the working people.

This is just a sampling but, these will be the front runners in 2016 with Clinton winning, on the female vote, if we don't get us voted in and all current politicians voted out.  I have been compiling names of quality people to be the sounding board for "The Common People" that will lead the USA back to greatness and break the hold these 85 ITBs have on Washington DC. This will upset the .0001% and they will do everything in their power to make sure we, "The Common People" are held down to the equivelent lifestyle of slavery.

CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, PBC, ABC, BBC, New York Times, Barack Obama, Clinton, Rand, Rubio won't report this perspective leading up to the 2016 elections.

Let me explain more. Let's say we, "The Common People" make this happen and I receive all the electoral votes needed to become President. Well then it's business as usual. The senior elected people in Washington DC will know they still control Washington DC and no matter what, they will crucify us, derail me and know in four years I'll be voted out as an ineffective President. They have that power. They will use that power to stay in power and continue to be the best puppet government money, from the 85 ITBs, can buy.  I challenge you; Stop right now and web search, top donors to Obama and Romney. And then do it for your local federal elected persons. See who is giving them the most money and then you'll understand; We, "The Common People" don't stand a chance to be represented in a fair manner. Follow the money and you'll follow the corruption right to your current elected persons.

Did you find what I found? The top ten donors out of twenty five were on both lists. Then you have the hidden money from lobbyist, PACs, foundations and corporation who are now humans, according to the Supreme Court. Both Obama and Romney had 11 trillionaires backing them. Some in the open and some hidden by PACs and foundations. They both raised approximately ONE BILLION DOLLARS A PIECE. DID YOU GIVE EITHER ONE OF THEM ANY MONEY? I DIDN'T.  I have no one worth more then $500,00.00 as of now backing me.

How can we, The Common People" compete within a system like this? We can't. That is why we are now the "slave class" and they are now the oligarch, the .0001%ers.  The .0001%ers truly have "The Best Government Money an Buy". Watch that documentary and you will begin to understand better, why we need to vote ALL these puppets out and bring in anyone new.

So here is how we get started; Someone out there is going to read this and share with another and so on. Look at the movments that changed the world. They all started in the same way.  With the very few. I know nothing about getting elected except for: there are people who do. We need you to come forward and share with us and what we need to do. We have three years to make this happen. To raise the money needed, to find others to take the places of ALL currently elected people for the next six elections. 2014 is to soon to do anything. When this happens in 2016, the world will know, "The Common People" are back in control of the USA. "The Common People" with morals and that are honest. "The Common People" who want to sever this country, who want to server everyone equally. Not the .0001%ers, the 85 ITBs and themselves. "The Common People" who know they aren't above the law and are there to protect the many, not the 85 ITBs and their families few.

CNN, Fox News, CNBC, ABC, BBC, MSNBC, PBC, New York Times, Barack Obama, Clintom, Rand, Rubio won't report this perspective leading up to the 2016 elections.

The pages to come, will outline my 11 Point Presidential Agenda.  Once this agenda is made known, the current elected people are going to viciously attack us from every angle. If they could get a person like Ross Perot to walk away, I can't imagine what they will do to a "COMMON PERSON" for "THE COMMON PEOPLE" OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Al Gore, I believe, was paid to walk away. Will you give a gift? Will you give a gift now?
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